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Mondsub India Sheet Mask | Gold Facial Mask | 3D Face and Neck Mask | Review and Effictiveness

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Today post is about something which has been selling like hot cakes 😉  A trend which is all over the Internet and everyone raving about it too . So , I thought to give this a try and see if this actually works . So , today I am going to share my views and review on Mond'sub India masks.

I received two mask from them . One is there hot seller Gold Facial mask and other one is creating buzz as well 3D Hanging Ears Face and Neck mask .

Keep reading to know my views on it . But a little bit about brand before we head into review .

About Mond'sub India

Mond'sub India brings you a variety of sheet mask which are paraben free . They have different types of mask includes Gold mask , instant glow , collagen sheet mask , seaweed mask and bio cell renewal mask .They also have a very new type of mask which is 3D Hanging Ears Face and Neck mask . Be ready to get glowing , soft and firm skin with Mond'Sub India .

Mond'sub India Gold Facial Mask



Price - Rs 200 for 60 gm

Currently available at Rs 129 on sale or buy combo pack for extra savings 😉

Shelf life - It has a shelf life of 3 years from manufacture date.

Availability - You can but these from Nykaa, Snapdeal , AmazonFlipkart and their website  ( Direct Link )

Product Description

Give your skin a glorifying makeover sitting at home with Mond'Sub Gold Facial Mask , which is highly effective anti-ageing facial mask and provides an intensive treatment which nourishes the skin giving it a facial glow. It promotes natural collagen production giving you a natural sheen. This luxurious skin treatment is being used by many spas internationally.



It comes in a thick plastic packet with brand name , ingredients list, manufacturer date , how to use and other stuff written on it . It also has plastic molded in mask shape to keep the sheet mask in shape and size .

Colour , Texture and Fragrance

It comes in gold colour . It has a jelly kinda texture when dipped in serum and rubbery after use . It has serum which has a fragrance like we found it in mostly skincare products normally . The serum has micro gold dust powder in it as well if look closely .

How To Use

Wash and dry your face first. Apply this product on the face . Try not to keep any air gaps between the mask and the face skin. Let the nutrients get absorbed into your skin. Then peel of the mask from the face after 15 to 20 mins. Apply and rub the additional liquid in the packet on your face and then wash with water.

My Experience

I put this mask on fridge for 5 minutes before using it . Cooling it helps in getting all the serum together . I cleanse my face well and put a hot towel on face to open pores on my skin for 5 mins . After that I applied my mask properly , making sure there is no air gaps in it and it fits skin well . The thing i didn't like about it is the fitting of mask on my face . It didn't fit my skin properly and if you have chubby cheeks like me 😂 😂 🙈  It will not cover your side cheeks part a little bit .

As you all know u have sensitive skin . When I applied the mask on face I feel a little tingling sensation on skin which was gone after few minutes of applying . After removing my mask i put all the extra serum available on packet on my face and neck . They have provided good quantity of serum in it . You can see it from the packaging itself . And the good thing it doesn't drip after applying and feel well moist .

The serum consistency was watery when applying but as it settle down it became a little sticky . So , I wash my face after 30 minutes.

Effectiveness - My skin was soft , hydrated and glowing after i removed my mask . I have oily skin but this serum doesn't make my skin looks oily ( just sticky ) . My under eye area was feeling soft and hydrated.  I am suffering from under eye circle so my under eye part has became a little rough but it not only soften them but they look more hydrated. The glow almost stay for a day and half . I am loving this . Looking forward to try their gold eye mask as i love the results .


👉  Gives Soft , Hydrated and Glowing skin
👉  Serum quantity and quality  is good
👉  Easily available online on many sites
👉  Affordable price
👉  Instant glow
👉  Doesn't drip or make a mess


👉  Doesn't fit properly
👉  Serum is a little bit sticky ( just wash the face with water )

Final Verdict - I totally love this . Definitely give this a try . Perfect to get a soft , hydrated and glowing skin instantly and the glows stays for a day or so . Go grab one 😊

P.S - Don't reuse the mask .

Mond'sub India Brown Rice 3D Hanging Ears Face & Neck Mask

Ingredients ( Sheet mask )


Ingredients  ( Pentapeptide Essence )


Price - Rs 200 for 40 gm

Currently available at 80 Rs per sheet mask on a combo of 5

Shelf life - It has a shelf life of 3 years from manufacturer date

Availability - Find it on Amazon , Flipkart and their website ( Direct Link )

Product Description

Wash and dry your face first. Apply this product on the Face Neck & Ears. Try not to keep any air gaps between the mask and the face skin. Let the nutrients get absorbed into your skin. Then peel of the mask from the face after 15 to 20 mins. After using the mask, apply the essence onto the face. Massage skin gently with fingertips for better absorption and then wash with water.



It comes in a air seal tight plastic pouch packet . It has two section made , one for mask and other one for serum . It has all the necessary details written on it including ingredients list, manufacturer date , how to use and effects on it .

Colour, Texture and Fragrance

It is white in colour and sheet looks like normal sheets which are made from cotton fiber . It has serum absorbed in it as well . So , it is dual conditioning for your skin . The texture of the serum is sticky . The fragrance kinda feel perfume too me , not too over powering though .

My Experience

After trying and enjoying the result of Gold Facial Mask I was very excited to try this one as well . I really like the concept of 3D Hanging Ears Face and Neck Mask . It covers all your skin area and it doesn't slip and fits well on skin .

After cleaning my skin well i applied this on my skin making sure it doesn't have any air gaps between fave and skin . It will helps in absorbing the goodness of mask onto your face . Make sure you use it for 15 minutes only . Sheet mask is made from cotton fibre. They have a tendency to soaking your skin moisture , if sits on skin for longer period of time . No drip or mess of serum after applying . 

After removing mask i massage all the remaining serum on my skin from mask . After that I apply the pentapeptide essence as a second step . The serum was very sticky as it has brown rice properties.  If you have used brown rice before you might know that it has sticky nature after being cooked . So , it was quite understandable . After massaging  the essence onto skin , I left it for about a half an hour and wash my face afterwards .

Effectiveness - My skin feels glowy and soft even after washing my face . It gives my skin a dewy glow which was quite natural . It tightens and firms my skin as well . Really eager to try their other variant now 😍

P.S - Don't reuse sheet mask .


👉  Makes skin firm and tight
👉  Skin feels soft, hydrated and glowy
👉  Affordable price
👉  Easy to use
👉  Easily available online
👉  Provided extra serum
👉  Packaging is handy
👉  Fits perfectly
👉  Doesn't drip or make a mess


👉  Serum is sticky

Final Verdict - This sheet mask is totally worth a try . It tights and firm my skin . My skin feels soft and glowy than before and gives a natural glow . Having said that the essence is very sticky so might don't good for everyone.

Hope you like this review.  Do let us know any thoughts and queries with us .

Do share your experience if you have tried this before . It's always great to hear from you guys.

Till Next Time, Take Care

Love you all

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  1. Been hearing a lot about these Mondsub masks. Yet to try them. Awesome review...

    Recently Posted: DIY Tan Removal Cream | Easy way to remove sun tan at home

  2. I have chubby cheeks too! 😂 Nice review!

  3. This brand is really gaining huge market

    1. They deserve it :) Love the glow and healthy skin it gives .

  4. This brand is everywhere now :)
    Sheet masks are really easy to use.

  5. I have used their masks. They are pretty good

    1. Yes they are amazing :) glad you feel the same way .

  6. For collagen, I even like to use a face wash that has collagen in it. Right now, I like the results I am seeing with Somaluxe. I buy the kit, cause you save a lot of money by buying them together

  7. I want to know about ingridient human oligopeptide???
    What is it?? Is it pure vegitable product

    1. Hey,

      No, this is not a vegan Product.

      The ingredient human oligopeptide is made by the fermentation of the good bacteria. This helps in healing and smoothes the skin. And a great anti ageing ingredient as well.

  8. I have an oily skin and after using this product for a week, my skin is extra oily than the usual. This may work on the group of people with dry skin but not with my type of skin. My pimple reduced in number and my brown spots were diminished after using this product.

    1. Hey Alex,
      Sorry to hear that this doesn't work on your skin. But I have oily skin as well and it worked good on me and these are facial mask so i don't think daily use is good for these type of sheet mask. Thanks for stopping by:)


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